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Agrofly Systems

City/State: Tangará da Serra/MT
Main Phone: +55 65 4042 0762
Whatsapp: +55 65 9 9266 0168
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AgroFly Sistemas is a company specialized in the development of technology, offering solutions in mobile, web and desktop software for aviation, and in the provision of advice and consultancy in the aeronautical market.

Focused on aeroagricultural companies, AgroFly Sistemas has the AF Agrícola software that manages and accelerates the processes of operational and administrative management, coordination, maintenance and SGSO, streamlining workflows within the company, meeting all requests and keeping managers informed about the current status of applications with their customers.

Take control of your crop and obtain operational information from your pilots in real time with our MOBILE APPLICATION that interacts directly with the AF Agrícola software, providing features for synchronizing work orders, logbook, operational reports, etc. Once synchronized, the data is available both online and offline on the device. The pilot will have in the palm of his hands the application data such as client, farm, runway, hectares, flow, products, crop, aircraft hourmeter reports, logbook, expenses and operational reports, all in real time, thus allowing a better organization of services.

Raldiney Santos