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City/State: Várzea Paulista/SP
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More than a year ago, the Coronavirus exposed our fragility. People found themselves trapped in their homes, businesses were closed, the economy deteriorated and millions of lives were snuffed out around the world. The breath of hope goes through sanitary restrictions, mass testing and vaccination.
The pandemic has become the biggest health problem facing humanity in the last century. But we, the Prev-One group, go further. It is not just about prevention and health promotion to increase the safety of people and the corporate environment, it is not enough to be a member of the National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association, the world’s largest reference in the diagnosis of psychoactive substances. It does not limit us to being the largest company in the Management and Development of Risk Prevention Programs associated with the use of alcohol and drugs. In addition to operating in numerous segments, ranging from aviation, cellulose, wholesale and retail, passing through Civil Construction, mining, fuel and steel, Prev-One started to include other companies in its core business.
Are they:
● Occupational Prev – Health and Safety Management with customized solutions in Occupational Medicine;
● Imuniprev – Franchisee of Saúde Livre Vacinas, offers the most technological in Prevention against vaccine-preventable diseases for all age groups;
● Latina Diagnostics – An e-commerce specializing in the sale of health control products.
Our brands stand out for prevention and cutting-edge technology. Our constant search is for the solution of our clients’ problems, in a fast, transparent, professional and ethical way. Learn more about everything we have to offer.