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VMF Turbines

Consulting/Advisory Engines/Turbines Parts Workshops
City/State: Sorocaba/SP
Main Phone: (15) 3411-4670

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About the Exhibitor:

VMF TURBINAS is located near Sorocaba Airport in a modern and easily accessible area. The company was born in 2014, from the joining of ideas of an investor in the software market and an aviation professional. Our concept for building our image is based on the principle that Brazil needs companies that can supply parts, components and engines quickly and efficiently here, since operators suffer from delays in importing parts. Our facilities are divided into a workshop for HSI and overhaul of accessories in PT6A engines, as well as a large stock of parts, components and engines with approximately 5,000 items for immediate sale. The experience of our employees associated with the large volume of parts for quick service to our customers is our differential.